Greater Lansing Area for SQL Server (GLASS)

Greater Lansing Area for SQL Server

We are a group of professionals who like to get together to talk about Microsoft SQL Server and related technologies. Meetings are open and free of cost to the public but will require an RSVP so we can get an accurate count for food. 


1. Facilitate networking and create opportunities for our members
2. Deliver quality content for in-depth learning and professional development
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Tool Time #1 – Simple Tools to Make the Life of DBAs Easier

  • In-Person @ Lansing, Michigan, United States (map)
  • 17:30 - 19:30 Eastern Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Speaker: Jeff Moden

Session Abstract: Low budget?  Can’t afford 3rd party tools?  3rd party tools not telling you what you need?  This is a collection of tools that I’ve developed for myself over the years and I use them every day.  They’ve made my life as a DBA a whole lot easier.

Some Useful General Purpose Functions – Supports the following and helps Developers.
Convert a Result Set to HTML – Makes morning reports a whole lot easier to read.
Send eMails without setting up eMail – Copy and paste the setup to any server.
The Morning Job Report – Complete with visual flags as to what didn’t run and when a job was changed.
The Enterprise-Wide Morning Disk Report – It also records history for capacity planning/out of space predictions and even finds removable media that you may have forgotten.
Killing xp_CmdShell SPIDs without bouncing the server or service – Even useful tools need a kick now and then.
Finding the WORST Queries – They’re usually NOT the longest running queries.  This even shows which part(s) of a stored procedure is causing the problem.
Finding what’s running right now – What is it that’s killing the CPU or IO right now?
Setting Up Blocking Alerts and Easily Find the Blocking Code – This has been a life saver for me.
The PerfMon Baseline – The server is slow.  This tells you IF the server is slow and, if it is, where you should start looking in seconds.

Speaker Bio: Jeff Moden calls his “home away from home” where you’ll find 44,000 + of his posts (as he says, “Some are actually useful” ;-) ) and 33 mostly 5 star articles on multiple T-SQL “Black Arts” subjects.  Jeff has the talent for being able to explain and demonstrate complex methods and techniques in a fashion where even beginners will understand and, yet, still keep the interest of advanced T-SQL programmers.  Jeff has been working with SQL Server since 1996, is a 9 year retired SQL Server MVP, won the RedGate Exceptional DBA award in 2011, and coined the acronym of “RBAR”, which is pronounced “Ree-Bar” and is a Modenism for “Row By Agonizing Row” for anything that loops in T-SQL.  Jeff also presented two sessions at PASS 2010 and has spoken at many SQL Saturdays and PASS Chapter Meetings, not to mention that he’s a GLASS regular.



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